Sunday, February 17, 2008

Baking Day

Baking day dawned with a slight dusting of fog and the crunch of granulated frost underfoot. Since it was President's Day weekend I decided I had adequate time to dawdle away the first half of the day. When I did get around to baking I managed to fill today's batch of cookies with 3 different types of peanut butter products and the result was m-m-m-m-m (with 5 ms). After my sugar cookie conundrum 2 weeks ago I had despaired of attaining cookie-baking-god status but evening proved my ascension is still at hand.

This little sketch (complete w
ith vanilla and oil stains) captured some of my favorite utensils and the delightful mosaic of crumbs that must decorate the counter and floor to ensure a good baking day. I have constantly admonished my 21 little Picassos at school to slow w a a y y y down when doing art. I realized that I rarely follow that rule and decided to try it myself. The outcome has been thoroughly satisfying as my perspective and shading have been strengthened. More importantly this has forced me to take what I see in greater gulps and savor it before swallowing it in my sketch book.

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Mike Lawrence said...

great sketch kuyler, you have inspired me to sketch the results of tomorrows "gumbo day". I've never made gumbo, so I imagine my home is doomed. And today is a day of song, since I finally posted again.