Monday, April 7, 2008

More Grey Days

This piece is another fine example of photoshop madness. Note the encroaching shadow on the left edge of my picture. It's as if a nazgul were sneaking down 3 mile road while I painted.

The Red will surely help me overcome this relationship hurdle so that photoshop and I can make beautiful art together.

It was overcast as usual on Sabbath when I went out to paint. I will be a adept at making washed out light effects and grey tones. Stay tuned bloggers, the sun will shine some Saturday and I will be there to capture it!


CëRïSë said...

Wow, nice work on this--the foreground branches are especially impressive.

And thanks for reminding me about the MOBA! It's great. I really like this one.

Mike Lawrence said...

Those branches are great, I often get lazy with tangles of trees, but your attention to detail really adds to the mood of the painting (so close to spring!).

Anonymous said...

That is just beautiful. No other words.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I love this!

Sara K.

Anonymous said...

Purty. Remind me the next time we're near a computer and we can play in Photoshop

Grad School Nothing said...

Those dang flying monsters! They always get in the way of the sun when I am painting!

Nice painting, however. I think you managed to capture the feel of it even though you didn't have a lot of contrast from sunlight.