Saturday, June 28, 2008

Post post grad, painting and glad.

I learned some interesting points with this painting today.

1. Mask the light ripples in the water after painting a light layer of underwater scenery. The light reflection on water allows you to see very little underwater. The medium reflections can be represented by simply painting what you see underwater. The darkest reflections on water reveal the most underwater scenery.

2. Adding a hint of what is behind the grass or other plant growth keeps it from looking like green lump. Just a few extra gaps to reveal the rocks would have helped liven that grass up.

3. When picking a location to paint it is important to sit down and look around a second time before getting out your materials. That second look often reveals that there isn't really anything of interest to paint. I had spotted a nice landscape but when I sat down my perspective changed and it looked far less interesting.

4. Pick a spot to paint where shadows won't reach during the process. It is impossible to outpaint shadows; they will crawl across your subject like a really fast snail.

I had missed sabbath painting. The out of doors is the best classroom.

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CëRïSë said...

I stare endlessly at rippling water, trying to figure out how I'd paint it (although I've never tried, at least from life). You captured it well! What do you use for masking?