Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Owl Pellet

Summer break is an unfair notion. I threw the party to end all parties last Friday and sat in my classroom afterwards thinking "Whew, it's over." But it wasn't. Summer break is a coy mistress. Two days after it began I found myself between a rock and another harder rock as I ran off to Spokane for teacher's meetings Monday, came back to Walla Walla for teacher's meetings Tuesday, and then, joy of joys, got to squeeze misery mortar between them with a pile of grades, records folders, and financial acrobatics.

Today I left work early and did art. Summer felt a bit closer. And now, for the long promised but oft missed Weird Story Wednesday. No text. The picture tells the story. I thought I'd try my hand at light bloom effects. It's easy to get carried away with opaque paintbrushing (especially with a mouse) but the barn owl is the right blend of goofy and ominous and the night colors please me a lot.


Grad School Nothing said...

Ha ha! I really like this one. Makes me laugh. I love the way the dog is sniffing at the pile of unknown items.

CëRïSë said...

I love it, too--especially the long shadows, and the completely unconcerned expression on the dude's face.