Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I've got it covered...uh...hah...hah...get it? COVERed?

Today's blog is brought to you by the letters D, O, N, and E. I have finished my first book cover. I have taken my first tottering steps into the world of graphic design for profit. There can be no looking back. I want some brutal criticism about this design since it is due for submittal on Friday.


CëRïSë said...

I am very impressed with your cover; nice work! My major complaint is the comma splice in the first sentence of the text excerpt on the back. It's not your problem, but it does make my skin crawl!

Also, I love the watercolor in progress at the top of the blog. I wish we could see its entire creation! (Did you ever see Daily Monster? Something like that. =) )

c said...

I dig the subtly creepy silhouette. Well done.