Saturday, September 27, 2008

Walula Jct. and 4-Year Old Wisdom

Sailing, painting, eating, and friending has enriched my last 24 hours. I am happy, if not a bit weary.

One other thing. I have always shied away from calling myself an artist. There is something presumptuous about it, something a bit too final for my liking. It's like calling yourself a lover, or a believer, or something equally ambitious. A four year old observer of this painting asked if I was one. I asked him what an artist is. He said an artist is someone who likes to paint. What do you think an artist is? Is the four year old right?


K2 said...

Great googly moogly, that picture makes me miss the northwest. [cries]

Loved the thoughts about artists too. I've often felt the same way about calling myself a "minister" or "preacher." I'd rather something like "journeyman"--it suggests some level of knowledge regarding one's vocation of the moment, but acknowledges that one has a long way to go and there isn't any "end" to reach, anyway. I'm way too old and cynical to even think of doing better than the four-year-old's definition, so I'm of no use there.

Heather said...

I agree with the four-year-old with one caveat: an artist is someone who obsessively and compulsively paints/draws/doodles/creates. You are an artist.

Mike Lawrence said...

As long as you refer to yourself as an artist, not arteest, I won't make fun of you. Great watercolor by the way.