Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Christie likes pirates. And Cinderella. So I decided to combine the two into a retelling with this image as the cover. As usual my relationship with photoshop ran hot and cold. Some days we clicked together like a well oiled machine while other days found us mixing like a syrrah and PB&J sandwich meal. Our main reason for fighting was that I would try using transparent colors but she would find it amusing to turn whole sections of the picture transparent.

Oh well. I think photoshop and I may need to take a break, slow it down some, have some space so that I can explore other interests. Like Christie. And Illustrator. But mostly Christie.


CëRïSë said...

The Seattle Distraction I've heard so much about has a name! Perhaps she'll be in Walla Walla at some point this summer? (That's where I am!)

Holly Marie said...

that picture is amazing!