Sunday, July 19, 2009

Primates, Patterns, Puppets

Last weekend I was in Seattle as usual. I had the good fortune of visiting the Seattle Zoo and communing with my closest genetic cousin on the planet. This orangutan was hiding in a burlap sack when I decided to sketch her. She noticed me fiddling with my pen and stuck her face right up against the glass so I touched foreheads with her through the window. She held still for about 10 minutes while I sketched her. That same evening I ran down to a little stream in Mill Creek near Bothell and painted water ripples from a bridge. That is what a sabbath ought to be like.

Sunday found me wandering wide mouthed through the exquisite Jim Henson exhibit at the Experience Music Project / Science Fiction Museum. Meeting celebrities like Rowlf, Fraggles, Gelflings, real Henson drawings, Manamana, and myriads of other muppets was better than meeting living celebrities. Exept for Bruce Campbell. He was even cooler than muppets. And if I actually met Bono maybe that might be cooler than the muppets too.

Can any of you top my muppet celebrity experience with your own celebrity close encounters?


CëRïSë said...


Your ripples are most excellent. Did you block the white, or just paint around it?

K L said...

I used that gummy pink misket to block. Thanks :)

Mike Lawrence said...

your watercolor skills never cease to amaze. I can't top the muppet thing either. I once met quai kane chang but now he's dead. I saw Dustin Hofman eating an icecream cone, but he was so short. oh well.