Thursday, October 8, 2009

Parasite Streets

Wherever there are humans there are parasite streets. In every well-used lane and path there lurks the possibility of a street that runs north by down, uphill both ways, and from yesterday to tomorrow. Any familiar path in the woods can, in an instant, be lined with strange houses from every era. Every comfortable little street with tidy houses might, in the blink of an eye, be a lot filled with mysterious artifacts and fantastic dwellings.

Parasite streets appear and pass on in a matter of minutes and any hapless local who crosses from our world into those silent lanes may never again wander this time, space, or reality. No one knows who built the roads or why they now lead to elsewhere. It is of no importance. All that matters is the warning posted at the entrance to one parasite street called Lmoma Rd.

The one who posted the warning is gone and few remain who can read the archaic script that offers a final warning to anyone who should stumble upon Lmoma Rd.. The marks in cuneiform read simply:

"Turn back from Madness".

What mysteries lie at the other end of Lmoma Rd.? Is Madness a name or a condition? Who was the one who returned? How did they and from where? These questions are best left unanswered. If the wise heed the warning at Lmoma Rd. the road will simply pass on bearing no lost wanderers.

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