Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Epic Zebra Death

I apologize for this in advance. Some time ago my future brother in law requested 6 cartoon epic animal takedowns. I have decided to do the first, as he described it, for his Christmas present: Zebra strangulation with its own stripes. Here is the lined version. I plan on adding color tomorrow. I'll post the finished product then.

I decided to work on the image a bit more this afternoon. Here is the base color with no highlights and grades. What should I do to make the color more interesting?

I learned to duplicate the lines and fill them in rather than try to color without covering the lines up. After spending meticulous hours filling in the area AROUND the lines photoshop crashed and I was forced to start from my black and white save file. This time around I created several layers of lines and used those to quickly fill in the space INSIDE. Though photoshop kept crashing (my PC is dying) I managed to complete in 45 minutes what took hours before. At any rate, I've basically finished all my Christmas presents. Let the festivities begin!


Mike Lawrence said...

I find that after I lay in base colors, highlights, and shadows, that desaturating the entire image and then making adjustments from there helps a lot.

Nothing said...

Nice. I like this. Poor zebra.

K L said...

Thanks gentlemen. I will try that Mike. I need to come have a photoshop date with you soon and learn some tricks. By the by, you have a fan. One of my friends here has been following your blog and really digs your stuff. I am trying to get him to spend money on your comics now.

david said...

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