Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cracks of Spring

Tell a story about this picture and get a drawing from me. Here is the story starter:

Word quicky passed around the junior school that Spring had come to a patch of meadow outside of town.


Violet Dominic said...

Yes, it was true, as Meadow well knew. Spring had come to a patch of her. It all started on February 2nd. Groundhog Day. Meadow woke up that morning feeling a bit itchy. Thinking that she had a bug bite she sleepily scratched her arm. Her fingers passed over somthing flakey, rough. She remembered the fall out of the tree the other day and rolled over to fall back asleep. She tossed and turned for the next few minutes unable to get rid of the itchy feeling. Finally opening her eyes and falling out of bed she trodged to the bathroom raising her arm to scratch her head. There on her arm was a large rough looking scab. Meadow didn't remember her scab being this large. She inspected it a bit closer only to find that it was not a scab but bark. Tree bark to be exact. Alarmed she ran to her room and put on a long sleeved shirt hoping not to alarm her parents. As she walked to school she saw the tree that she had fallen from earlier that week. It was situated in a field covered in snow. As she approached the tree, Meadow noticed that there was a patch of green surrounding it. small flowers dotted the green grass around the tree. Pink blossoms ans small green shoots bloomed from the trees branches. Meadow sat down on the grassy knoll and took off her snow jacket. Her arm had started to grow branches and was beginning to blossom. She watched somewhat in horror and somewhat in awe as her arm continuted its metmorphosis and slowly, the blossoming tree reached its branches toward her in an embrace.

Bradley said...

Word quickly passed around the junior school that Spring had come to a patch of meadow outside of town. It had been an unusually long winter, and there had been an unnatural quiet about the whole town that reached even into the classroom. Students had gone from excitement over the first snow, to restlessness with being kept indoors due to the cold, to a dullness that spoke of a resignation that Spring would never arrive.

And then a miraculous Circle of Spring had suddenly appeared in the meadow. A small tree stood boldly in the center, her arm outstretched as if heralding warmer weather to come.

As the days went by, the Circle grew, melting nearby snowdrifts, awaking spring flowers everywhere, and bringing life back – first to the meadow, then to the town, and later beyond.

The students were so excited at the release from Winter that none of them even stopped to wonder what had happened to Jane Chu, a foreign exchange student who had disappeared the night before the Circle appeared.