Saturday, May 21, 2011

High on a Hill

My lovely wife was good enough to drag her pregnant body out for a Sabbath afternoon in the hills. We found this idyllic spot and enjoyed an hour of cozy car painting. The problem with painting in the springtime is, once again, graphically depicted in the top left corner of this scene. Unless there is adequate cover the painting becomes a rain laden mess. The car is a tolerable, albeit frustrating, source of spring rain protection. The stick shifts , bucket seats, and safety belts have all got to go. The steering wheel isn't great either.

Even so, it was a great afternoon.
Next week, maybe I will invest in a really big umbrella. Or a new medium.


coxwal said...

You quoted Cake! That makes me happy.

يارب رضـــاكـ said...

i enjoyed reading ur r beautiful .

Magento said...

Really nice paintings.I dont have the gifted hands like you.So, the only thing I can do is to praise you.Nice work........

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