Thursday, October 16, 2008

Late Nights and Hot Blonds

This little painting is an interpretation of a friend's poem entitled, in part, "One Hot Tomato". It was supposed to be art nouveau, I guess.

I wonder if doing art right before bed is getting me keyed up. I keep laying awake thinking of creative stuff. For hours. Unfortunately, it's the kind of creative stuff that you think of around midnight. Like a mobile constructed out of old books painted primary colors, or like how to build a better wizard hat for my math class, or whether or not I have memorized the ingredients for my favorite cookie. What do you think of while lying awake at night?


CëRïSë said...

I love the painting! (And, for that matter, oatmeal scotchies.)

I've been lying awake nights, too, which is very unusual for me. I think it's because I managed to completely reset my circadian rhythms by staying up all Sunday night, writing. I hate that. Even though I did go to bed Monday morning and sleep for... hmmmm... almost 8 hours, I guess, it's just not the same.

Nothing said...

I assume that's a veggie, smoke-free, tobacco-less cigarette that man is smoking, no?

Heather said...

Instead of lying awake at night, I have been waking early in the morning, then lying in bed, half asleep. Mostly at that time, I'm half replaying whatever very strange dream I've just half-awakened from while trying to decide whether to get up or try to go back to sleep. Your lying awake at night sounds much more artistic and even productive.

mAtt said...

oatmeal scotchies! oatmeal! scotch! scotch.