Saturday, October 25, 2008


This is what I painted in Sandpoint, ID as I was looking southeast over the lake.

Rejuvenation is a necessary thing. I keep a quote on my desk at school that says something like "Renew yourself each day. Do it again and again, and forever again." This weekend I visited Sandpoint, ID and observed several of my dear teacher friends as they worked. Between mountains of victuals, time for art, and great company I find myself ill-rested but perfectly renewed. I feel like I could start work tomorrow but I still have a day to relax and mentally prep. How do you best clear your head and renew?


CëRïSë said...

Have you seen Logan's Run? I watched it last night for the first time, and it gives an entirely new meaning to "renewal"...

ANN NEE said...

Woah!You're an artist aren't you?
Well done!