Friday, November 7, 2008

It's been years since I did any acrylic (with the exception of One Hot Tomato) and the experience of smothering that big, blank canvas in color was moving. I gained some respect for photoshop in the process. I remember Mr. Wishart, my High School Art teacher pshawing computer art sighting the smell and feel, and I would add unpredictablilty, of true paint as an irreplaceable and superior experience. I would tend to agree. Photoshop, however, provided a safe haven for experimenting with transparency and design without the hassle of wasting pigment (27 bucks for a 2 paintbrushes and 4 medium tubes of paint that will be used up by the end of my next painting). The two mediums compliment eachother. Maybe a brush and a stylus can play nice in an artist's hand. Speaking of photoshop, does anyone know a way to get that glare on the bottom left and the shadow on the top right evened out?


Anonymous said...

Bring the file with you to breakfast and I'll see if we can even it up a bit.

written in the stars said...

this is beautiful <3