Friday, October 31, 2008


Tonight I am voting. Most of the issues were cut and dry for me. Many of the candidates were an easy pick. But that presidential bubble sat unfilled for 3 hours of research. I love Nader. The guy takes some radical stances on most of the issues but what he says really makes sense, particularly in terms of education. Furthermore, he was willing to take the ProjectVoteSmart political courage test, something Obama and McCain both declined to do.

But then there is Obama. He has captivated me with his bold statements on religion, support of programs like Head Start, and reforming the No Child Left Behind policy. I have slight reservations about him but that "hope" concept he built his campaing on is so appealing.

Currently both bubbles are filled in. I feel like I am taking the GRE and there are 2 answers I am sure are right but to fill both is certain failure. Which bubble do I erase?

Oh yeah, art. I have been ambivalent about a lot of my work lately. I suppose that is a desirable reaction for a viewer but I wonder if that is good for the artist. Blech. Artist. That word sounds so pretentious and loaded.


CëRïSë said...

Does "artist" sound more pretentious and loaded than "art historian"? There's plenty of room for self-loathing with the latter, too! =) I think you should embrace being an artist!

c said...

Hey, quick note: read the ballot directions. I'm pretty sure you shouldn't erase one of the circles -- I think you have to put a line through the one you don't want. If they notice it's been erased, they won't count your presidential vote. (I think. I don't remember the rules exactly and I threw my voter's guide away after I finished.)

Holly Marie said...

ok, sorry things have been really busy and chaotic! but...i now have a camera so i can post pictures without using my webcam! :)

Mike Lawrence said...

Good grief, if I hear you whining about the word "artist" one more time....I'll do something drastic! I'll start painting murals at the coast! Pink and Blue!! Dolphines! Orcas! Crappy underwater effects! I'll do it!

Great stuff as always, I really enjoy how your sketchbook is divided into panels. That's probably great for thinking about composition all the time.

OH, and answer my emails dangit!