Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Acrylic II

I rejoice! Tonight I finished my second acrylic painting. I've learned a bit since the first one and I am starting to figure out how all that watercolor practice can translate to this strange new medium. The process is completely reversed. Instead of building shadow and darkness onto areas of light, instead of preserving transparency, I slather on dark colors and then build up light over them to reveal the shadows. Chiaroscuro is KEEN! Here it is. I am happy with it. It's nice to see growth happening. I hope my paintings continue to get incrementally better.


Mike Lawrence said...

NICE WORK! This is great to see you striking out into the scary world of acrylic (something I'm too timid and impatient to do). I love that sneaky snake satan looped around the tree. Nice reflections, nice light (sun dappled bottoms), and nice details (fallen leaves around the fallen angel).

CëRïSë said...

Nicely done! I particularly like the slanting light.

Nikia said...

Such rich lighting.