Friday, February 6, 2009

What-Ho?! Another Photoshop Design

I've been away and happy. But I miss my routines so back to it.

I did this little piece for my favorite local store (and for some nifty in- store credit). Doing this ad convicted me of my shoddy approach to design. Design has always been a bit of a questing beast for me; it was always bigger than I could get my mind around and too elusive to pin down. The best I could do was to hold onto the few scatological traces of design concept I discovered and then continue the futile hunt to grok the thing.

Please feel free to constructively shred this piece with some criticism. Maybe your comments will help me finally subdue design.


mAtt said...

make the dice twenty-sided! ('cuz we really need to get them started down that road..)

it's good to see your words again, slacker.

Nothing said...

Very nice. Looks professional. Now will you come and decorate my living room?