Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Invitation

On a crisp winter's day Tasha opened her mailbox and discovered a yellowed envelope postmarked 1949. The invitation indicated that she should go to 722 W Evalynn St. second level at 5:00 PM this Saturday. Tasha called the post office, checked Facebook, and finally googled the return address name Scott Whitney. All she could discern was that there were too many iterations of Scott Whitney and Whitney Scott to ever find who the note was for. Tasha magneted the paper to the side of the fridge and returned to her weekly routine.

When Saturday rolled around Tasha had forgotten about the old letter. As she poured her Sabbath breakfast of mixed Captain Crunch, Raisin Bran, and Rice Crispies she noticed the odd invitation and pulled it off the fridge. She reread the invite as she crunched through her breakfast. After returning from the synagogue Tasha decided to walk downtown and enjoy the Christmas decorations. As an afterthought she donned her best sweater and slacks and and put on her best makeup and perfume. The Christmas lights were beautiful and the decorations seemed more alive than ever.

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Mike Lawrence said...

I love how you always include enough everyday objects to give your environments a "lived in" look, it makes the fantastical element that much more enjoyable.