Friday, March 7, 2008

My First Date with Photoshop

It is time to try photoshop. All the cool artists are doing it and frankly, I am getting tired of all the black and white floating around my blog this week. Granted, posting every other day or so really does require a certain amount of hasty art but my blog feels a bit lifeless. So, let there be color. Here is a photoshopped sketch of the remains of some incredible fish tacos from a local eatery.

Starting a new art form is a lot like falling into a relationship. You experience delight and discomfort with the new medium in quick and intense doses. Eventually, though, you settle in to incremental discoveries and small frustrations that are true signs of agape art. Here, for you to behold, are the fiery, intense, eros discoveries in this romance called photoshop (it's okay to look, it's natural):

1. This relationship will end in agony if I do not procure a Wacom tablet.
2. All photoshop artists must endure this blended haze phase as they learn to use the program.
3. It's easy to make everything look animated but not natural.


CëRïSë said...

I've never used a Wacom tablet, but I still kind of want one. I don't do much illustration (or, sadly, any art) work these days, but you do, so you should get one and let us know how it goes!

Anonymous said...

Holler if you want any Photoshop tutorials. I've gotta put all the hours I've put into learning its strange little quirks to use!

Grad School Nothing said...

Bravo for using PhotoShop. That program is not for armatures. You did a nice job of this painting.