Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sitting on Artwork

I've been building up a pile of art junk to share and here is the first of it. These are two of 3 postcard sized paintings I did at Bennington Lake, a man-made reservoir on the east end of Walla Walla, between the town and the Blue Mountains. Painting number 1 was a warm up so I don't want to share it.

I had planned to have at least 5 paintings done but the problem with Bennington Lake on Sabbath afternoon is all the adventists. There was a constant flood of beloved acquaintances to visit and interesting gawkers to share with. I think if I had really wanted to get some painting done I would have gone somewhere else.

The mountains and hills are...mountains and hills. The other one is my dog and I, or rather our shadows, cast over a concrete spillway for the lake. These were done in the last hour before the sun dropped below the massive earth mounds that are the wheat fields west of the lake. Haaaahhhh. It feels good to post again.


CëRïSë said...

Oooh, nice work on these! I especially like the first one; you really captured the hills and their shadows.

Grad School Nothing said...

Very grey/gray. Hmm...not sure how they make me feel. Nicely done, however.