Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My dog looks like I feel. The uncommon cold has burrowed deep into my lungs and is trying to push my spine out the back of my...back. But I am not unarmed against this mucus-inducing menace. Airborne, brownies (to ensure highest possible endorphine levels), and a 1 liter mug full of water will see this cold gasping, vulnerable, and gobbled up by my killer T cells until all that is left of it are protein fragments absorbed into my body, thus strengthening me and...aww, I digress. Have any of you grappled with this monstrosity of a flu bug? Can a virus gasp? Are brownies truly the cure for the cold?


Mike Lawrence said...

if you'd drink booze like a normal person you wouldn't get sick.

Grad School Nothing said...

If you would eat lots of sugar like a normal person, you also wouldn't get sick.